My Jungle Place


Creating Indoor Jungles


My Jungle Place is a family owned business located in Canberra. We exclusively stock stunning indoor plants for your home, office or function. We take extreme pride in our plants and the service that we offer. Whilst we understand that indoor plants are considered challenging for some, we provide the support and advice to ensure that you can grow your own indoor jungle and revel in its beauty.



Having worked in the Architecture, Design and Landscape Architecture industry for our 15 years, I found such joy and excitement from growing my own indoor jungle.

Whilst we started off small, the plants grew and so did the number and before I knew it I was developing a title of the crazy plant lady (very happy to have).

It was disappointing to hear people speak of their indoor plant issues and losses and I started providing advice to friends and family… this then grew and My Jungle Place was born.

We started off as a pop up market stall at the Old Bus Depot Markets every Sunday from 10am - 4pm and have grown to now providing a range of services throughout the week… but don’t worry, you can still find us at the Bus Depot Markets and can take home your own slice of jungle.

We work with only the finest plant suppliers and grow our own stock here in Canberra from our indoor jungle. Our friends, family and children find it very amusing to enter our house and see over 200 indoor plants at various stages of growth.

We stock a limited range and focus on varieties that we know and love and that we can provide solid advice from our own personal experience.

We are truly a family business. We have three daughters, who are regularly re-potting, wrapping, labelling, spraying, wiping down leaves and selling at the markets. As a family we all have a love for our jungle and an appreciation for what it brings to our lives.

The Hogan Family